Emergency Washing - Rules & Requirements

L&I Rules

Sample faucet-mounted eyewash on a stainless steel sink.

Faucet-mounted eyewashes like this one may be easy to install, but not easy to ensure compliance. Food or beverage service establishments should check with their local health department before installing eyewashes on hand-washing sinks because restrictions may apply.

In addition if the unit doesn't use a separate, dedicated water supply, someone must always remember to make sure the cold water is on and the adapter rod (see arrow) has been pushed to engage the eye-wash mode before working with corrosives, strong irritants, or toxins. If this isn't done, the eyewash may not work or meet the L&I requirement to activate in 1 second or less. Extra effort to address this issue in written procedures, employee training, and supervision is essential.

Universal rules (for most workplaces)

Specific rules (for particular workplaces and activities)

L&I procedures, enforcement guidance, and explanatory interpretations

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