Summary of Workplace Fatalities, 2011

An employee received fatal injuries when this scissor lift tipped over. Proper training can help prevent unsafe set up and use of this type of equipment.Use the information in this table to build hazard awareness and prevent risk for similar occurrences in your workplace.

This table shares preliminary details about many of the fatalities reported to the Division of Occupational Safety and Health at the WA State Department of Labor & Industries (DOSH). When further details are available, entries may be updated in the annual summary.

This is not a complete list and is not meant for data or research purposes. Fatalities associated with natural causes or suicides are not listed.

Workplace Fatalities in Washington State 2011
Event Date  Description of the Event  Industry
December 13, 2011 A worker was found dead on a conveyor belt that was still running. Sawmills
November 13, 2011 The driver of semi-tractor/trailer crossed the centerline striking another tractor/trailer head-on and was killed. General Freight Trucking Local
November 9, 2011 The driver of a tanker truck died when the vehicle left the roadway striking a jersey barrier, flipped over, crushing the cab. Other Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers
November 7, 2011 A worker apparently slipped and struck their head on a wet slippery kitchen floor. Unknown at this time
November 1, 2011 While repairing roof that had areas of dry rot, a worker fell through hole in roof to concrete floor 30 feet below. New Single-Family Housing Construction (except Operative Builders)
November 1, 2011 An employee fell from a height of at least 10 feet from either forklift or scaffolding and died during surgery. Plastics, Foil, and Coated Paper Bag Manufacturing
October 22, 2011 An employee of a self storage unit was stabbed and killed while performing his usuall work duties. Lessor of Miniwarehouses and Self-Storage Units
October 14, 2011 A worker died in a motor vehicle accident in Oregon. Cellular and Other Wireless Telecommunications
October 13, 2011 A worker was killed in a glider crash while filming a commercial. Unknown at this time
September 28, 2011 A worker who was hanging sheetrock, was stung by a bee and died. Construction
September 21, 2011 A pilot car driver was killed when struck by a truck. Other Support Activities for Road Transportation
September 19, 2011 A worker died when he came into contact with a high voltage line while pressure washing the exterior of a 30-35 foot high silo. Landscape Services
September 15, 2011 A worker died in a 10 car motor vehicle accident. Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, and Wood Panel Merchant Wholesalers
August 20, 2011 A worker died in a motor vehicle accident. Specialized Freight Trucking
September 15, 2011 A worker died from a puncture wound to the neck while moving demolition debris. Demolition, Building and Structure
September 12, 2011 A worker was struck and killed while delivering sandwiches on his bicycle. Limited Service Restaurants
September 7, 2011 While a worker was loading a truck with logs another worker installing pins on the bunk was struck by the logs. General Freight Trucking
September 6, 2011 A worker was electrocuted during a residential tree removal operation when their gas powered pole saw came into contact with a 7200 volt primary line . Landscape Services
August 19, 2011 A freight truck driver was killed in a motor vehicle accident. General Freight Trucking
August 18, 2011 A worker was surveying fish and was found unconscious face down in the water. Logging
August 14, 2011 A worker drowned in rough river water while collecting inner tubes. All other Amusement and Recreation Industries
August 12, 2011 A worker was stung by wasps or hornets and died due to venomization. Farm and Garden Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
August 5, 2011 A worker was run over by a truck. Electrical Contractor
July 28, 2011 A worker was found bleeding from the head and nonresponsive after pursuing a shoplifter at the time of the incident.  He died two days later at the hospital. Pharmacies and Drug Stores
July 28, 2011 A worker was making repairs to a travel trailer when he was electrocuted from an ungrounded electrical panel. Other Noncitrus Fruit Farming
July 25, 2011 A helicoper being used to blow off water on fruit trees, hit some power lines and crashed killing the pilot. Other Support Activities for Air Transportation
July 9, 2011 A worker was working on a road  grinding asphalt and was backed over by a dump truck. Asphalt Paving. (i.e., Highway, Road, Street,).
June 10, 2011 A worker passed away after having surgery on a broken finger. Other Support Activities for Air Transportation
June 6, 2011 A worker was caught and crushed between a protruding door on the shovel and a stump. Logging
June 6, 2011 A worker was involved in a head on collision while returning to work. Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools
June 5, 2011 A worker was driving a skidder at night on a logging road when the skidder came to close to the edge of road and fell 70 feet off a steep drop. General Freight Trucking
June 4, 2011 A worker fell down stairs at work and died later at the hospital. Other General Government Support
May 31, 2011 A worker fell from the rear standing platform of a moving garbage truck after it had gone around corner.   Solid Waste Collection
April 29, 2011 A worker was run over by a truck/trailer in the process of backing up.
April 7, 2011 A worker was struck by a bale of plastic fiber while attempting to clear a jam from a "ram baler".
March 23, 2011 A worker died when the work shuttle van was broadsided by a train. School and Employee Bus Transportation
March 13, 2011 A worker died in a motor vehicle accident. Home Health Care Services
March 3, 2011 A worker died from complications the day after a work-related shoulder surgery. Police
March 2, 2011 A worker fell from a stairway and hit the concrete landing at bottom of stairs. Construction
March 1, 2011 A bulk propane delivery driver was found crushed by one of the truck's tires. Civil and Social Organizations
February 19, 2011 A worker was caught between two tractor trailers as one was pulling out of a designated parking area. General Freight Trucking
February 15, 2011 While attempting to re-enter company vehicle after making a delivery, a worker stepped into traffic and was struck by an oncoming vehicle. General Freight Trucking
February 14, 2011 A worker was trapped under the mower head while attempting to remove a piece of brush caught in the mower while cutting brush. Administration of Conservation Programs
January 29, 2011 A worker was found dead after being assaulted at work.   Correctional Institutions
January 16, 2011 A cottonwood tree fell and struck a company truck, splitting the tree which then hit a worker who was setting up cones in the road. Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs
January 15, 2011 A worker was struck in the chest by a falling chunk of tree during a tree cutting operation. Landscape Services
January 5, 2011 A worker fell approximately 50 feet to a concrete patio during a tree cutting operation after his harness/safety line came free from the crane hook he was attached to. Landscape Services
January 4, 2011 A worker was struck-by a bail of used clothing weighing between 600 and 900 hundred pounds. Wholesale Trade

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