Injury Fact Sheets - Seven Common Injuries


A recent research report by Department of Labor & Industries showed that 95% of all claims costs paid by the Department are for 7 types of "compensable" claims involving serious injuries to employees. Compensable claims are for serious injuries where employees were so badly hurt they had to take time off work to recover, had to change jobs, or were permanently disabled. These injuries have a direct impact on industrial insurance premiums paid by employers.

This report showed that the seven types of injuries were as follows:

  1. Caught in/under/between - a part of the body is squeezed, pinched or crushed in machinery.
  2. Falls from elevation - falls from ladders, roofs or other elevated surfaces
  3. Fall at same level - slips, trips and falls on flat surfaces
  4. Struck by/against - impacting a part of the body against something or hit by a moving or flying objects, or by noise (noise impacts the ear drum)
  5. Motor vehicle accidents - traffic accidents
  6. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the lower extremities (knees ankles and feet) and
  7. Musculoskeletal Injuries of Upper Body (Neck, back and arms) - from overexertion, kneeling, squatting, or other repetitive motion, lifting, awkward posture, hand pinching or gripping or vibration.

The report also showed in which industries these injuries most commonly occurred. Not surprisingly, building construction was near the top for nearly all the types of injuries shown above. Logging and trucking were also high in several of these types of injuries.

The following list of Injury Fact Sheets is based on this report with updated data. Each one-page fact sheet (available in Adobe PDF format) covers a particular industry or construction trade, describes the injury and associated costs, the causes of the injury and ways to prevent the injuries from occurring.

All files below available in Adobe PDF format.

Injury Factsheets
Agriculture & Forestry
Food Service
Health Care
Public Administration
Retail Trade
Waste Management
Wholesale Trades

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