Restaurant Industry Safety & Health - Office and Administrative Support

Mangled 4-door car crashed into a tree. Caption: Wear your seat belt, follow safe driving techniques, do not text while driving, and pay attention at all times to prevent this accident from happening. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Employee exposure to slips/trips/falls from slipping on foods or liquids that have fallen to the floor or drain covers that have come off may also be a problem.

Photo courtesy OSHA.

Information For:

  • Managers.
  • Administrative/Office Support staff.
  • Restaurant customer care representatives.

Every office is a unique workplace, but typical prevention topics for offices include repetitive work and awkward postures; slips and falls; contact with potentially hazardous chemicals; clutter that can cause tripping or obscure exits or pathways; electrical shock or fires from bad wiring and damaged plugs, cords, or outlets; and first aid preparedness.

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