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Restaurant workers comprise one of the largest groups of workers injured in the U.S. each year.  This can expose them to many job-related hazards that may cause serious injuries and illnesses affecting their lives, income, and family members.  All restaurants, from full-service to limited-service restaurants, cafeterias, caterers, food service contractors, and drinking establishments, must follow Accident Prevention Program (APP) rules to address all potential workplace hazards.  The ultimate goal of your APP (or Safety Plan, or whatever term you use in your workplace) is to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.  Prevention begins with identifying possible hazards and finding solutions that eliminate or control hazards.

Preventing workplace injuries and illnesses makes good business sense.  Costs associated with such injuries and illnesses can be devastating to workers and businesses.  With a strong APP in place, you can focus your efforts on making your business grow.

Photo Courtesy of OSHA. Woman setting heavy bag of flour on a rack. Caption: Use proper lifting techniques to avoid back injuries.

Use proper lifting techniques to avoid back injuries.

Photo Courtesy of OSHA

Front of the House

  • Hosts/hostesses.
  • Servers
  • Bar tenders, sommeliers.
  • Runners and helpers.
  • Bussers.
  • Cashiers, counter service workers.
  • Drive-through attendants.
  • Dining Room Managers, First-line Managers/Supervisors.

Photo showing anti-slip mats behind the counter. Caption: Use anti-slip mats to prevent fall injuries.

Use anti-slip amts to prevent fall injuries

Photo Courtesy of OSHA

Back of the House

  • Cooks/Chefs.
  • Food preparation workers.
  • Pastry Chefs, Bakers.
  • Dishwashers.
  • Sanitation/cleaning staff.
  • Repair/maintenance staff.
  • Material movers/supply stockers.

Office and Administrative Support

  • Managers.
  • Administrative / Office support staff.

Mangled 4-door car crashed into a tree. Caption: Wear your seat belt, follow safe driving techniques, do not text while driving, and pay attention at all times to prevent this accident from happening. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Wear your seat belt, follow safe driving techniques, do not text while driving.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Home & Outgoing Deliveries

  • Delivery drivers.
  • Packagers / baggers.
  • Mobile food service workers.
  • Caterers.

Young Worker Safety

  • Workers Under 20-25 Years Old.

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