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Ventilation - Figure 3

(a)†Enclosure; (b) Receiving; (c) Capturing; (d) Downdraft; and (e) High velocity, low volume.

First image: Enclosure - showing contaminants contained inside and released inside the hood out the top through a fan. Second image: a receiving hood showing contaminants rising from hot process into the hood and out the fan at the top.
  1. Enclosure - contains contaminants released inside the hood.
  1. Receiving hood - catches contaminants that rise or are thrown into it.
Top Image: Capturing hood - reaches out to draw in contaminants; Middle image: Downdraft hood with air contaminants drawn in via downdraft and passed out through a fan on the side; Bottom image: High velocity, low volume hood with a portable grinder on one end as the intake and an exhaust fan on the other.  
  1. Capturing hood - reaches out to draw in contaminants
  1. Downdraft hood
  1. High velocity, low volume hood

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