Ventilation - Figure 6


Correct (less resistance)

Incorrect (more resistance)

Streamline the system as much as possible to minimize turbulence and resistance.

complex airflow system streamlined to minimize turbulence & resistance complex airflow system with lots of sharp, angled bends that increase resistance and turbulence.

Smooth, rigid ducting provides less resistance than flexable, rough ducting.

sample smoot duct sample corrugated duct 

Short runs of ducts provide less resistance than long runs.

sample short duct run sample long duct run

Straight runs offer less resistance than runs with elbows and bends.

sample straight duct run sample elbowed duct run

Duct branches should enter at gradual angles rather than right angles. 

Duct branches should not enter the main duct at the same point.

sample angled (gradual increase) duct branch sample abrupt connection & changes duct branch

Elbows with gradual bends provide less resistance than sharp bends.

sample wide radius elbow Sample narrow radius elbow

Large diameter ducts provide less resistance than small diameter ducts.

Sample large diameter duct sample small diameter duct

Round ducts provide less resistance than square ducts.

sample round duct  sample square duct

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