Abrasive Blasting (Sand Blasting)

Person in protective clothing and using a respirator using an abrasive blaster -- Caption: Safety depends on protecting the operator at all stages of the blasting job.  Photo courtesy of Centers for Disease Control & PreventionAre you in danger of becoming a statistic?

From setting up equipment to clean-up tasks, abrasive blasting operators, pot tenders, and other helpers face a variety of serious hazard issues, including:

  • Breathing silica, lead, and other potentially hazardous dusts from blasting materials, surface coatings, and substrates.
  • Exposure to excessive noise, especially when blasting is done inside tanks and enclosed spaces.
  • Dangerous work in confined spaces.
  • Increased risk for trips and falls due to working at heights and around hoses and other obstacles.
  • Possible eye and other impact injuries from the abrasive stream.
  • Flammable or combustible(explosive) dust accumulations.
  • Risk of inhaling fatal levels of carbon monoxide produced by overheated, oil-lubricated air compressors used to supply breathing air.
  • Risk for muscle strain and overexertion due to awkward postures and high-force grips.
  • Increased risk for heat stress due to personal protective equipment use.


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