Machine Safeguarding Ideas Bank

  • Machines and their moving parts create the potential for workplace injuries. Installed and used properly, safeguards can protect workers by helping to reduce or control machine hazards.

  • WAC 296-806 applies if you have machines or machine operators in your workplace.

  • This Ideas Bank contains controls to help avoid hazards associated with machines and machine operators.

The Machine Safeguarding Ideas Bank is:

>A searchable collection of ideas that may help you protect workers from machine hazards.

>A helpful tool for finding ways to reduce hazards from machinery. Workers and employers should work together to reduce machine hazards.

>A place where you can send in machine safeguarding ideas, so that other workplaces can benefit from them.

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DISCLAIMER: L&I staff have reviewed the ideas found in the Machine Safeguarding Ideas Bank to make sure they are consistent with the general practice of machine safeguarding. Ideas are included at the sole discretion of the department. L&I does not endorse any commercial products found on this site or guarantee that the ideas on this site will eliminate machine safeguarding hazards identified in WAC 296-806, Machine Safety. Employers and employees should work together to make certain the ideas they implement in their workplace meet the rule's requirements.

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