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Find your workplace training and plan requirements by using this table. Use the samples listed to help meet the rule requirements.

Training and Written Plan requirements in "General Safety and Health Standards"

Chapter 296-024, WAC

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Training Required

Arc Welding Equipment Operation or Maintenance


How Often:

Workers assigned to operate or maintain arc welding equipment shall be acquainted with the requirements of WAC 296-24-68501 through 296-24-68505, 296-24-69501 through 296-24-69507, 296-24-70001 through 296-24-70007 and 296-24-71501 through 296-24-71525; if doing gas-shielded arc welding, also Recommended Safe Practices for Gas-Shielded Arc Welding, A6.1-1966, American Welding Society.

See: WAC 296-24-68507-1

Electrical workers


How Often:

Employees trained in and familiar with the safety-related work practicesthat pertain to their respective job assignments. Classroom or on-the-job training is acceptable. The degree of training provided shall be determined by risk to the employee.

See: WAC 296-24-970

Emergency Action Plan Training, if applicable


How Often:

The employer shall review the plan with each employee covered by the plan at the following times:(A) Initially when the plan is developed; (B) Whenever the employee's responsibilities or designated actions under the plan change; and (C) Whenever the plan is changed.

See: WAC 296-24-567-1-e

Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia


See: WAC 296-24-510

Handling of Liquified Petroleum Gases


See: WAC 296-24-475

Powder Actuated Tool Operator Training


See: WAC 296-807-15005

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