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Find your workplace training and plan requirements by using this table. Use the samples listed to help meet the rule requirements.

Training and Written Plan requirements in "Construction, Safety Standards for"

Chapter 296-155, WAC

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Training Required

Cadmium Exposure


How Often:

Prior to potential exposures and at least annually thereafter

See: WAC 296-155-174(13)(d)

Crane operator qualifications and certification requirements.


How Often:

An operator's certificate issued by the accredited testing agency is valid for a five-year period, and must be renewed to ensure operators maintain qualified operator status.

See: WAC 296-155-53300

Fall Protection Training in Construction (Fall Protection Work Plan)


How Often:

Initial training prior to permitting employees into areas where fall hazards of 10 feet or more exists. Training must contain specific elements outlined in rule. Re-training when changes in workplace, changes in type of fall protection used or when work practices indicate need.

See: WAC 296-155-24505-3-a

First aid training


See: WAC 296-155-120

Flagger training


How Often:

Initial training required prior to assigned flagging duties. Required every three years.

See: WAC 296-155-305-7

Sample training available from L&I:
Flagger Safety Presentation

General training to improve skill and competency in safety and health


See: WAC 296-155-100-1-c

Lead in Construction


How Often:

Initial training prior to the time of job assignment and annually for each employee who is subject to lead exposure at or above the action level on any day

See: WAC 296-155-17625

Sample training available from L&I:
Lead In Construction Training Kit

MDA (methylenedianiline)


How Often:

Employees must be provided with training at the time of initial assignment and at least annually thereafter

See: WAC 296-155-17323(3)

On-the-job review of safe work practices before initial job assignment


See: WAC 296-155-110-3-g

Written Plan Required

Assured Equipment Grounding Program


See: WAC 296-155-447(2)(a)(iii)

Cadmium Recordkeeping


See: WAC 296-155-174(14)

Cadmium Written Exposure Control Program


See: WAC 296-155-174(6)(e)

Construction cranes and derricks -- annual records must be maintained


See: WAC 296-155-525 (2) (e)

Construction employers must develop a written APP


See: WAC 296-155-110(2)

L&I Sample Written Program Available:

.DOC: Construction Industry APP Sample (incl. Fall Protection Work Plans)

Lead Recordkeeping


See: WAC 296-155-17629

Lead Written Exposure Control Plan


See: WAC 296-155-17611(2)

MDA (methylenedianiline) Recordkeeping


See: WAC 296-155-17331

MDA (methylenedianiline) Written exposure control plan


See: WAC 296-155-17315(5)

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