Online Workshop Registration Form Tips

1. Hit the "Tab" key between fields.  DO NOT hit "Enter" until you have completely filled out the form!!!  Hitting "Enter" will result in an incomplete form being sent. 

2. WARNING! In some Internet browsers if you leave the page (by clicking the "back" button, the "refresh" button, or the "forward" button, for example) the form will completely be reset, and you will have to retype everything.  To avoid this situation, open a new browser window by selecting "File - New ( - Navigator) Window" (or by typing "<Ctrl>" + "N").  You can browse the Internet in this new window, just like you would normally, and switch back and forth to the window with the registration form.  For example, you may want to find out more information on one of the workshops, and you've partially filled out the form.  By opening a new window, you can browse the online catalog for information while still having your registration form open.

3.  There are several fields that are required to be filled out in order for us to receive your registration.  These are:  Contact Person, Phone Number (both area code and phone number), Address, City and Zip.  Make sure these fields are filled out, otherwise you will not be able to submit the form.

4. If you want to completely start over, click on the "Reset Entire Form" button at the bottom of the screen.  CAUTION!  This will completely erase everything you've entered.  If you only want to erase a couple of fields - it's easier just to erase them rather than go back and retype everything.

5.  The workshops are listed in alphabetical order.  Use the dash key "-" to jump through the titles, until you come to the  workshop for which you want to register. Then click in the drop-down box to select the particular workshop you wish to register for in your area.

6.  You can copy and paste information from one fill-in box to another.  For example, if you wish to register the same people for three different classes, you can highlight and copy the names from the first "Names of Participants..." field, and then click in the second "Names..." field and paste them there (and again in the third field).  You can't, however, copy and paste information from the drop-down workshop list.

You can now switch back to your registration form (by hitting "Alt" + "Tab") and/or close this window to continue. 


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