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Hexavalent Chromium Training Kit

About this training kit

Software you may need to use this training


PowerPoint Presentation

Printable Version 
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

PPT: PowerPoint file (2,492 KB / 4:49 min PPT)

Compressed (2,177 KB / 4 min ZIP)

Adobe Acrobat Format (1,265 KB / 3:30 min PDF) 

Script for printable version (3,348 KB/ 10 min PDF)

An online, interactive version of this course is available here.

Other Materials:

Hexavalent Chromium Chapter 296-62 WAC, Part I-2

Download All Materials listed below (563 KB ZIP)

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Software you may need to use this training


Compressed (Zipped) source files (.ZIP)

Any recent version of popular Windows/Macintosh file compression software (such as PK-Zip, WinZip, Aladdin Stuff-It Expander, etc...).  Several Freeware/Shareware decompression utilities are available on the Internet - the two links below are just one source.


  • Download the .ZIP file

  • Uncompress it with your software to the default folder - C:\HexavalentChromium.  If you change the default folder where the files are uncompressed, be sure to write down the name.

  • Once you've uncompressed the files, open the folder where you uncompressed them.

  • Run the PowerPoint file and view the presentation.

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