¿Está lesionado? Lo usted que necesita saber

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o Reclamo cerrado
Do you need to get information over the phone about your claim?
You may get information about your claim in several ways:
  • Call 1-800-831-5227 for a fast, automated update on the status of your claim in English or Spanish (en Español).
  • Call 1-800-547-8367 for a customer service representative with access to your file. You can ask for an English or Spanish (en Español) speaking staff member or L&I's translation service.
  • Call your claim manager's phone number, which is located on all correspondence you receive.
  • Contact your local L&I office and ask for a 48-hour phone referral. Leave a message that includes: 1. Your claim number   2. Your claim manager's name  
    3. Your question. Your claim manager should return your call within 48 hours.