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Self-Insurer Accident Report (SIF-2)

Provided to workers by the self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators to report an industrial injury or occupational disease. This form is not on the internet. If you are an injured worker, ask your employer for a copy of this form. Self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators may order copies of this form. Cllick the "order It" button below to order paper copies or request the form in MSWord.

Self-Insurance Report of Occupational Injury or Disease (SIF-5)

Used by only self-insured employers or their representatives to report initial time loss payments or to request interlocutory, wage, overpayment or closure orders.

SIF-4 Self Insured Employer's Request for Denial of Claim
Used by self-insured employers or their representatives to notify an injured worker that the employer or representative is requesting that L&I deny their claim.

Self Insurance Continuing Education Sponsor/Instructor Application for Course Approval

Used by sponsors or instructors of continuing education courses, when requesting the department assign credit to a course so that department-approved claims administrators who attend can earn credit toward recertification under the Self Insurance Continuing Education program.

Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System (SIEDRS) Enrollment Form
Used by self-insured employers and third party administrators to enroll for participation in the Self Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System (SIEDRS). F207-197-000 is SIEDRS (Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System) Data Change Request.

SIEDRS (Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System) Data Change Request

This is a data change request form. F207-193-000 is the Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System (SIEDRS) Enrollment Form

Your Independent Medical Exam: For Employees of Self-Insured Businesses
Pamphlet: Answers the most common questions about when and why an injured worker may be required to attend an independent medical exam. Includes the "IME Travel & Wage Reimbursement Request" form. This publication is for use only by self-insured businesses and their workers.


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Overpayment Reimbursement Fund Request Coversheet

This form is a coversheet used by Self-Insurance for overpayment reimbursement fund requests.

Application for out of State Supplemental Reporting

The purpose of form 212-234-000 -Out of state applications- is to provide a means for an employer to formally request to receive the out-of-state supplemental report for a specific year and state. The form will also allow the department to convey out-of-state reporting requirements and to obtain information needed by the department to set a business up for supplemental reporting.

Application for Elective Coverage of Excluded Employments

Used by employers to request coverage of workers' compensation for non-mandatory employment. Shows a list of employment categories to choose from that are not included within the mandatory coverage of workers' compensation.

Notice of Completion of Public Works Contract

This is the form used by public agencies to request L&I's approval to release retainage. All contractors are to be listed on the request form with their associated affidavit id number.  Notices received without affidavit id numbers or incomplete information will not be processed and will be returned to the awarding agency. The first EXCEL document is in Office 2007 format. The second file, with the same title, is in Office 2003 format.

Financial Statement Sole Proprietors and Individuals

Requesting Financial Information for Sole Proprietors and/or Individuals.

Financial Statement Businesses

Requesting Financial Information for Corporations, LLC and Partnerships.

Independent Medical Exam Doctor's Estimate of Physical Capacities

IME Doctor’s Estimate of Physical Capacities: For use by independent examiners when asked to estimate physical capacities as part of an IME requested by the department.

Affidavit for Time Loss Compensation Benefits

Completed by injured workers contending eligibility for payment of back time loss benefits for a period that exceeds six months or $25,000. Injured workers requesting benefits for current time missed from work due to a work-related injury should use the F242-052-000 Worker Verification Form.


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Preauthorization Request for Services for State Fund Workers' Compensation Patients

This form can only be used for services that can be authorized by the claim manager and it should not be used for Utilization Review (Qualis), Provider Hotline or requests to the Occupational Nurse Consultant.  If you are unsure of what services need to be authorized see L&I fee lookup utility at www.Lni.wa.gov/apps/FeeSchedules/

For complete information on all authorization processes please see:  www.Lni.wa.gov/ClaimsIns/Providers/AuthRef/GetAuth.asp

Chemical Exposure Questionnaire Packet

Packet that contains:

F242-409-000 Chemical Exposure Questionnaire

F242-410-000 Worker Release for Union Dispatch Records

F262-005-000 Authorization to Release Information

Request for Social Security Earnings Information with the L&I address.


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Worker Request for Union Dispatch Records

Worker Request for Union Dispatch Records


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Hearing Aid Replacement Form

This form is used to request replacement hearing aids only.

Stay at Work Wage Reimbursement Application for Employers

Employer of record can request reimbursement for wages paid to an injured worker during light duty or transitional work. After completing the form, the employer submits it, along with supporting documentation, to the Stay at Work program for review and approval. For expense reimbursements see F243-003-000.

Stay at Work Expense Reimbursement Application for Employers Tools, Clothing, Training.

Employer of record can request reimbursement for tools, clothing, or training expenses required to enable an injured worker to return to light duty or transitional work. After completing the form, the employer submits it, along with supporting documentation, to the Stay at Work program for review and approval. For wage reimbursements see F243-001-000.

Transfer of Care Card

Used by injured worker to notify claim manager and request authorization to transfer care to a different doctor. Do it online! Use the online Transfer of Care


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Safety Standards Lockout/Tagout WAC 296-803

Lockout/Tagout applies to the service and maintenance of machines and equipment, including piping systems, if employees could be injured by the unexpected energization or start up of the machine or equipment or release of stored energy. Energy sources include mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, or other energy, including gravity. Machines and equipment include those that produce high intensity electromagnetic fields.

Provider Account Application - Independent Medical Examiner (IME)

In order to do independent medical exams a provider must obtain a provider account number with L&I. This packet includes the application and agreement with instructions, IME Provider Exam sites form (F245-047-000) and Request for Taxpayer ID and Certification - Form W-9 (F248-036-000) (10 pages). If you have questions, please email balk235@lni.wa.gov or call 360-902-6815.


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