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Instructor's Report of Accident / Incident

This form must be submitted to L&I's Apprenticeship Section by the Instructor at the time of the incident and the appropriate Apprenticeship Program within 5 days of an accident/incident of an apprentice/trainee during Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI).

Notice to Attending Physician of Apprentice / On-the-Job-Training Accident / Incident

A notice to the attending physician that the individual is a Registered Apprentice and to attach this form to the Accident Report of Industry Injury or Occupational Disease (F242-130-000).

Self-Insurer Accident Report (SIF-2)

Provided to workers by the self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators to report an industrial injury or occupational disease. This form is not on the internet. If you are an injured worker, ask your employer for a copy of this form. Self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators may order copies of this form. Cllick the "order It" button below to order paper copies or request the form in MSWord.

Report of Accident (ROA) Workplace Injury, Accident or Occupational Disease

This form is not available to download. If you are an injured worker, ask your medical provider for a copy of this form or you can complete your portion of the Report of Accident (ROA) online at https://secure.Lni.wa.gov/home.

Please note only medical providers may order this form from the Warehouse.

Supervisor's Report of an Accident

Supervisors use this form to document information from an accident or injury.

Instrucciones para el Reporte de accidente

Este documento proporciona instrucciones en español sobre como completar solamente la porción del trabajador en el Reporte de accidente (ROA, por su sigla en inglés).  Por favor note que el Reporte de accidente no está disponible en español.

The Best Accident Insurance - To observe all safety regulations
Picture of a guy with Saftey Policy and Rules in his hand. Get poster printing tips.

Grinding Wheel - Prevent Accidents

Sticker size 4"x3"

Claim for Pension by Spouse or Children
Used by a spouse or dependents of a deceased worker. The workers' fatal accident or occupational disease incurred in the course of their employment. This application is needed to determine if applicant(s) is/are entitled to a survivor benefit.


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Reclamo para beneficios de pensión presentado por el cónyuge, pareja doméstica registrada o los hijos

Usado por el cónyuge o dependientes de un trabajador fallecido. EL accidente fatal o enfermedad ocupacional del trabajador que ocurrió en el transcurso del empleo.  Esta solicitud es necesaria para determinar si el(los) solicitante(s) tienen derecho a recibir beneficio de sobreviviente.


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Declaration of Entitlement for Widow or Widower Benefits Under Industrial Insurance
Used by the widow/widower whose spouse died of a work related injury or accident. This form must be completed, signed, notarized and returned to L&I within 30 days for non interruption of your benefits.


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Declaration of Entitlement for Dependent of Deceased Worker Benefits Under Industrial Insurance
Used by a dependent of a worker whose death was related to an on the job injury or accident. This form must be completed, signed, notarized and returned to L&I within 30 days for non interruption of benefits.


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Declaración de derechos para viuda(o) bajo el Programa de Compensación y Beneficios para Trabajadores

Usado por una viuda/viudo cuyo cónyuge falleció a causa de una lesión o accidente relacionado con el trabajo.  Este formulario debe completarse, firmarse, notarizarse y devolverse a L&I dentro de 30 días para que los beneficios no sean interrumpidos.


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Declaración de derechos para dependientes del trabajador fallecido bajo el Programa de Compensación y Beneficios para Trabajadores

Usado por un dependiente de un trabajador cuya muerte estaba relacionada con una lesión o accidente en el trabajo.  Este formulario debe completarse, firmarse, notarizarse y devolverse a L&I dentro de 30 días para que los beneficios no sean interrumpidos.


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Notice of Occupational Disease or Infection

Used by medical providers to notify L&I that an occupational disease or infection has been diagnosed and that the worker has been advised that their condition may be work-related. This form can be used if the worker does not complete a Report of Accident or Occupational Disease (ROA) but should not be completed in place of an ROA.

FileFast postcard handout for workers
Handout (4.25 x 6): Explains to workers why and how to file an accident report online or by phone following an injury; also reminds them to stay in contact with employer and L&I.

FileFast poster for workers
Poster (8.5 x 11): Explains to workers why and how to file an accident report online or by phone following an injury and reminds them to stay in contact with employer and L&I.

Workplace Safety and Health Rules and Guides

This CD has been discontinued, but the safety and health rules and guides are available on the L&I website.

For more information, see the links in the "Websites" section below.

These links contain all workplace safety and health rules for Washington State and policies and related laws. Included are guides covering accident prevention programs (APP) and personal protective equipment (PPE).



This form is predominately used in non-accident related types of inspections. Used to obtain statements from employees or other individuals whenever it is determined that it would be useful to adequately document an apparent violation.

Witness Statement

Use this form only on accident investigations, fatalities and catastrophies. This form is used to obtain statements from the witness to the accident or personnel who did not witness the accident but have information regarding the incident.

Self-Insurance Report of Occupational Injury or Disease (SIF-5)

Used by only self-insured employers or their representatives to report initial time loss payments or to request interlocutory, wage, overpayment or closure orders.

Job Modification Assistance Application

For use by an vocational counselor, employer, etc. to request modification for the injured workers job. This may involve tools and equipment that is purchased through L&I.


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Provider's Initial Report (PIR)

Used by medical providers when reporting initial treatment for an industrial injury or occupational disease for a self-insured claim. The paper version dated 10-2012 is still valid, as is the 01-2014 word fillable version.

Medical providers treating self-insured workers, self-insured businesses, or their third party claims administrators can access this form one of two ways:

  1. Download the Microsoft (MS) Word form and the PDF file with instructions:

           The first file is the PDF instructions.

           The second file is an Office 2003 MSWord document ending in .doc.

           The third file is an Office 2007/2010 version, ending in .docx.

2.  Order paper copies of this form by clicking the “order it” button.

Workplace Safety and Health Pocket Guide

Pocket guide: Provides links to online information, including safety and health consultations, how to develop a safety program, reporting hazards and injuries, other safety training, and information for teen workers.

Washington State Top 25 Hazardous Industries

Booklet: Provides a summary of occupational injury and illness data, including safety and health violations cited, by the top 25 hazardous industries for the five-year period 2006 to 2010.

3 Things to Know about L&I's Medical Provider Network

Handout: Explains to workers the basic information about L&I’s Medical Provider Network. The handout can be used with workers covered both by L&I and by self-insured employers. Applies to workers in Washington state. Includes website and phone number contact information.


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Tres cosas que debe conocer sobre la Red de proveedores médicos de L&I

Volante: Le explica a los trabajadores la información básica sobre la Red de proveedores médicos de L&I. Los trabajadores cubiertos por L&I y por las empresas autoaseguradas pueden utilizar el volante.  Se aplica a los trabajadores en el estado de Washington.  Incluye información para comunicarse por la Internet y el número de teléfono.  


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Nail Gun Safety: A Guide for Construction Contractors

Booklet: Gives information needed to prevent nail gun injuries for construction employers.

2014 Workplace Safety and Health Calendar: Top 12 Hazards that Cause Injuries and Deaths

Calendar: Features real Washington State businesses and employees handling typical workplace hazards and spotlighting the top 12 hazards that cause injuries and deaths. It includes suggested weekly safety and health tips for different hazards, including slips trips and falls, struck by falling objects, burns and more.


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