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Self-Insurance Medical Provider Billing Dispute form

A form for Providers to submit disputes to the department regarding payment of medical provider bills

Electronic Billing Authorization

To authorize L&I to accept electronically submitted bills for services provided to injured workers (2 pages).

General Provider Billing Manual

General billing information for those providers that bill the department.

Billing Guidelines for Sexual Assault Examinations: Crime Victims Compensation Program

Provides information health-care providers need to bill the Crime Victims Compensation Program for medical services.

Mental Health Fee Schedule and Billing Guidelines

Manual: This manual is for providers who bill the Crime Victims Compensation Program for mental health services for crime victims.

Crime Victims Direct Entry Billing Manual
Instructions for completing a Direct Entry bill to submit to the Crime Victims Compensation Program. Direct entry allows you to submit or adjust bills using a free online billing form through Provider Express Billing (PEB).

Report of Accident (ROA) Workplace Injury, Accident or Occupational Disease

This form is not available to download. If you are an injured worker, ask your medical provider for a copy of this form or you can complete your portion of the Report of Accident (ROA) online at www.FileFast.Lni.wa.gov. Please note only medical providers may order this form from the Warehouse.

Our supply of paper ROAs is currently out of stock, but medical provider offices can file their Report of Accident (ROA) within 30 minutes online through FileFast at www.FileFast.Lni.wa.gov. Filing online gives you immediate claim confirmation and speeds claim processing by 5 days.  Provider offices also can get reimbursed $10 (billing code 1040M) for each ROA filed online. If you have questions or concerns about using FileFast, please call 360-902-6393.

We anticipate receiving additional ROAs in our Warehouse by February 9, 2015.

Statement for Retraining and Job Modification Services

Bill form for providers that bill the department for claim-related retraining and job modification services. See the General Provider Billing Manual (248-100-000) for information on completing this form.


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Statement for Miscellaneous Services

This bill form is used by providers and injured workers to bill the department for services such as dental care; glasses; medical equipment; nursing home services; interpreter services; services workers pay for out of pocket; and other services. Information on how to bill the department can be found in the General Provider Billing Manual [F248-100-000].



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Statement for Pharmacy Services

Bill form for prescription charges. May be used by a pharmacy to submit drug charges, or by a worker to request reimbursement for prescriptions paid out of pocket. See the General Provider Billing Manual (F248-100-000) for information on completing this form.

Provider Credentialing Change Form

Providers use this form to notify L&I of a change of their business address, billing address and account termination. Also has info on how to notify L&I on a tax ID (EIN) number change, tax ID address change and/or name change.

HCFA Proprietary Format Companion Guide
This guide details the HCFA proprietary format structure and provides information regarding electronic billing to the department via Provider Express Billing (PEB).

ASC X12N 005010 EDI Transactions Companion Guide
Description: This guide details the HIPAA ASC X12N 005010 format structure for EDI and provides information regarding electronic billing To the department via Provider Express Billing (PEB)

Pharmacy Companion Guide

This guide details the HIPAA ASC X12N 004010 format structure for 835 Pharmacy Remittance Advice and provides information regarding electronic billing to the department via Provider Express billing (PEB)

Quick Reference Card for Providers

Flyer or small poster for administrative staff for health-care and vocational providers: lists the most frequently used procedure codes and fees. The back highlights the most popular or frequently used web pages for providers and their staff. Provides tips for speeding up authorizations and for billing self-insured employers.

Hotline Tips for Medical Services Providers
Fact sheet: Provides tips to help medical service providers quickly obtain answers to claims and billing questions. Introduces L&I's Provider Hotline, Interactive Voice Response Message System and online Claim & Account Center.

Power of Attorney for Electronic Remittance Advice

Providers complete this form to authorize a clearinghouse or third party to receive the EDI 835 Electronic Remittance Advice file from L&I's Provider Express Billing (PEB).

Medical Payment Guidance

Flyer: Describes how a payment for health-care services is mailed separately from the explanation for the payment (the remittance advice). An illustration explains how to link a payment with its explanation. Also includes information about how providers can always find their remittance advices online through L&I's Provider Express Billing.

Medical Examiners' Handbook

Book: A publication for independent medical examiners, attending doctors and consultants, this document contains guidelines, sample reports and billing procedures for preparing and conducting impairment ratings and independent medical exams in Washington's workers' compensation system. Beginning July 1, 2012, free Category I CME credits are available for completing the self-assessment associated with this handbook. Go to www.Imes.Lni.wa.gov and click on Medical Examiners Handbook for information on the exam. L&I and the authors have no financial interest or other relationship with the manufacturer(s) of any commercial product(s) and/or provider of commercial services discussed in this document. Find a medical examiner.

Provider Change Form for Crime Victims Compensation

Providers use to inform L&I that they have changes to their account. Such as changes to their Tax ID address/name, business address, billing address, name, or termination of account. This also includes a W-9 form.

Helping Providers Understand the Crime Victims Compensation Program
Fact sheet: Answers questions doctors and mental health counselors may have about the Crime Victims Compensation Program and billing for services. Also suggests steps these providers can take to speed up reimbursement.

Provider's Request for Adjustment

Providers use this to report total overpayment, partial overpayment and/or underpayment by L&I.

UB04 HCFA 1450

Used by hospitals to bill L&I for inpatient/outpatient services. This version includes NPI number.

Crime Victims Statement for Pharmacy Services

Used by Crime Victims Compensation Program providers to bill for pharmacy services. Crime Victims Compensation Program providers are required to bill using this form.

Crime Victims Provider's Request for Adjustment

Used by providers to request an adjustment to their bill if their entire bill was paid in error, or if a portion of the bill was overpaid or underpaid. Attach required reports and/or documentation to support the request.

Crime Victims Statement for Home Nursing Services

Used by the Crime Victims Compensation Program providers for reimbursement of home nursing services. Crime Victims Compensation Program providers are required to bill using this form.

Statement for Crime Victim Miscellaneous Services

Used by the provider or supplier for reimbursement of the following services - dental, glasses, home health, nursing home serivces, medical equipment, prosthetics-orthotics, transportation, vocational, retraining and other.

Statement for Crime Victims Mental Health Services

Used by the Crime Victims Compensation Program providers for reimbursement of Mental Health Services.


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