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Self-Insurance Report of Occupational Injury or Disease (SIF-5)

Used by only self-insured employers or their representatives to report initial time loss payments or to request interlocutory, wage, overpayment or closure orders.

Occupational Disease & Employment History

Injured worker fills this out to document possible occupational disease and to show work history.


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Continuación del Historial de Trabajo y de Enfermedad Ocupacional

El trabajador lesionado llena este formulario para documentar una posible enfermedad ocupacional y para mostrar su historia de trabajo.


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Historial de trabajo (enfermedad ocupacional)

El trabajador lesionado llena este documento para presentar su historia de trabajo.  El formulario de continuación a esta página es F242-071-911.


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Report of Accident (ROA) Workplace Injury, Accident or Occupational Disease

This form is not available to download. If you are an injured worker, ask your medical provider for a copy of this form or you can complete your portion of the Report of Accident (ROA) online at www.FileFast.Lni.wa.gov. Please note only medical providers may order this form from the Warehouse.

Our supply of paper ROAs is limited, but medical provider offices can file their Report of Accident (ROA) within 30 minutes online through FileFast at www.FileFast.Lni.wa.gov. Filing online gives you immediate claim confirmation and speeds claim processing by 5 days.  Provider offices also can get reimbursed $10 (billing code 1040M) for each ROA filed online.

We anticipate receiving additional ROAs in our Warehouse by February 9, 2015.

Occupational Hearing Loss Questionnaire
Used by injured worker who has filed an occupational hearing loss claim to provide more specific information regarding how the hearing loss occurred. This is requested by the Claim Manager and sent to the Injured Worker.


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Cuestionario sobre la pérdida del sentido auditivo en el trabajo

Usada por el trabajador lesionado que ha presentado un reclamo por pérdida de audición para proporcionar información más específica referente a cómo ocurrió la pérdida de audición.  Esto es solicitado por el gerente de reclamo y enviado al trabajador lesionado.


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Notice of Occupational Disease or Infection

Used by medical providers to notify L&I that an occupational disease or infection has been diagnosed and that the worker has been advised that their condition may be work-related. This form can be used if the worker does not complete a Report of Accident or Occupational Disease (ROA) but should not be completed in place of an ROA.

Self-Insurer Accident Report (SIF-2)

Provided to workers by the self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators to report an industrial injury or occupational disease. This form is not on the internet. If you are an injured worker, ask your employer for a copy of this form. Self-insured businesses or their third party claims administrators may order copies of this form. Cllick the "order It" button below to order paper copies or request the form in MSWord.

Provider's Initial Report (PIR)

Used by medical providers when reporting initial treatment for an industrial injury or occupational disease for a self-insured claim.

Medical providers treating self-insured workers, self-insured businesses, or their third party claims administrators can access this form one of two ways:

  1. Download the Microsoft (MS) Word form and the PDF file with instructions:

           The first file is the PDF instructions.

           The second file is an Office 2003 MSWord document ending in .doc.

           The third file is an Office 2007/2010 version, ending in .docx.

2.  Order paper copies of this form by clicking the “order it” button.

WISHA Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens - Chapter 296-823 WAC

Pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans.

L&I Benefits for Workers Who Are Terminally Ill

Answers questions persons with a terminal illness may ask about benefits from L&I.

Occupational Disease Work History - Continuation

This is a continuation page to the Occupational Disease Work History (F242-071-000) to add additional work history.


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