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Verification of School Enrollment

Used by the student and a school official each quarter to verify school enrollment.


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Verification of School Enrollment/Verificación de registro en la escuela (Spanish)

Use by the student and a school official each quarter to verify school enrollment.


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Letter of Intent for School Enrollment
Use by a full-time student who is entitled to receive pension benefits. The student must be at least 18 years old and no older than 23 years old. This form is to prove the students intention to register in an accredited school during the next quarter/semester.


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Letter of Intent for School Enrollment - Spanish Carta de Intención de Registro en una Escuela

Letter of Intent for School Enrollment - Spanish CARTA DE INTENCIÓN DE REGISTRO EN UNA ESCUELA


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Parent / School Authorization for Employment of a Minor and Special Variance

For legal guardians and school officials to approve the hours and work activities for a minor employee to work according to terms listed by the employer. The Special Variance allows additional hours of work for 16- and 17-year-olds and is described on the form. All parties must sign to approve the hours of work for a minor regardless of the number of hours listed. This is NOT a work permit. Employers must obtain a minor work permit endorsement on their Master Business License where they employ workers under 18.

For hiring youth only during non-school weeks, you may use form F700-168-000 Parent Authorization Summer Work  

Comparing Career Pathways

Fact sheet: Assists high school students and their parents by comparing the benefits of registered apprenticeship to a traditional university or college program. Compares wages, costs, and length of study.


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