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Workplace Posters: Required and Recommended
Fact sheet: Lists posters that Washington State and federal agencies require or recommend employers post in their places of business. The URLs for posters available online and and telephone numbers to request printed posters are also provided. Also includes online resources and contact numbers for state agencies that issue posters.

Employers' Guide to Self-Insurance in Washington State

Book: Explains the process for employers to provide their own industrial insurance (workers’ compensation) coverage in Washington State. Also reviews surety requirements for self-insurance, reporting and recordkeeping requirements, claims processing, and compliance and legal issues.

Amendment of Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit

Used by a self-insured employer to change items on the surety document such as amount of letter of credit issued as collateral.

Pension Bond Rider
Used by a self-insured employer to change items on the surety document such as amount of pension bond issued to secure a total permanent disability claim.

Vocational Technical Stakeholder Group (VTSG) Application

This form is for recruiting private sector vocational counselors to be on the Vocational Technical Stakeholder Group (VTSG). The form is made available on the department’s vocational website when recruiting for new members to assist the department in addressing vocational issues and formulating policy. Prospective applicants are expected to download, sign, and return the form to PSRS for consideration.

Pocket Guide to Caution Zone Jobs

Pamphlet/booklet: This advisory pocket guide reviews 14 workplace risk factors that can lead to soft tissue injuries such as back strain, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Suggests ways to identify the risk factors. Lists helpful resources from L&I.

Application for Copies of Citation and Notice

Used by an employee to apply for copies of citation and notices issued to their employer.

Application for Farm Internship

Application form: Small farm owners wishing to participate in the pilot small farm internship program must complete this form and submit it to the department. The information requested on the form is required to process an application for approval in order to issue a certificate of participation.

Know What to Expect: How Recoveries and Settlements May Impact Your Crime Victim Claim

Pamphlet and form: Explains third-party liability, recoveries and settlements. A crime victim or the Crime Victims Compensation Program may pursue monetary restitution from someone who caused or contributed to a crime victim's injury. Explains the purpose of the form and why individuals who file a crime victims claim are required to complete it.

Filing Suit Against an Electrical Contractor

Instructions for filing suit against an electrical contractor

Instrucciones para el registro de una queja sobre salario prevaleciente

Pídale a L&I que haga una investigación de un asunto relacionado con el salario prevaleciente que afecte a uno o más empleados.


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Formulario de queja sobre los derechos laborales

Formulario: queja sobre los derechos laborales.  Las versiones de octubre de 2010 y de diciembre 2011 son válidas.


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