Installation and Reinstallation Permits

Installation or reinstallation permits are required before any new or existing boiler/unfired pressure vessel is installed, reinstalled, or moved in the state of Washington.

What the boiler owner/user needs to do

  1. Fill out the Boiler/Pressure Vessel/Water Heater Installation or Reinstallation Permit form. Please read and follow the instructions carefully, any incomplete permit forms will be returned to the originator. This fillable form allows the applicant to input information in all of the required fields, then save it to your computer and email it to L&I. Or you may print, fax or mail it to:

  2. Dept. of Labor & Industries
    Boiler Section
    P.O. Box 44410
    Olympia, Wash. 98504-4410
    Fax: 360-902-5292

  3. Post a copy of the permit on or very close to the boiler/pressure vessel.

What L&I will do

  1. Review the “Boiler/Pressure Vessel/Water Heater Installation or Reinstallation Permit” form to insure all information in the required fields has been completed.
  2. Within 24 hours after we receive the information listed above, Boiler program staff will review it and then:

IMPORTANT: After we receive your permit application, we will assign an inspector, and send you the approved permit with your inspector's name and number. If you don't hear back within two days, call the inspector.

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