Amusement ride inspector certification

Click here for a list of qualified amusement ride safety inspectors.

Requirements for becoming an amusement ride inspector

Per WAC 296-403A-170 - Amusement Ride Inspector qualifications, an amusement ride inspector must meet the following minimum qualifications:

In addition to the above criteria, an amusement ride inspector must be certified by the department after demonstrating competency by:

An amusement ride inspector may work without certification as a trainee, if directly and continually supervised during the inspection process by a certified amusement ride inspector.

How to become an amusement ride inspector

  1. Complete the application form Application for Amusement Ride Inspector Certification (F500-065-000) (A fillable form — 98 KB PDF).
  2. Send it to L&I's Electrical program along with the following:
  3. L&I will send you a certificate that is valid for one (1) year and allows you to perform safety inspections for amusement ride operators.

How to renew your certification

Once you receive your renewal notice, you will be required to:

  1. Attend at least one amusement ride safety and maintenance seminar sponsored by AIMS, IAAPA, NW Showman’s Club, NAARSO or equivalent approved by the department. Verification of attending this program must be submitted with the renewal form.
  2. Send the following, by your expiration date:

    to the Department Labor & Industries Electrical Program, P.O. Box 44460, Olympia, WA 98504-4460.