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Important Changes for EPIS, Changes to the inspection request process went into effect on 10/24/2013. To request an inspection you will be required to enter a comment on the request. The purpose is for you to provide inspectors with more information to get your inspection done.

How to request an L&I electrical inspection

If you obtained your permit from L&I:

If you obtained your permit from a city:

Contact them to request an inspection.

What you need to know about inspections

You must request inspection prior to covering any electrical work, no later than three business days after completing the work or one business day after any part of the installation has been energized, whichever occurs first. Failure to request an inspection may result in civil penalties. See Electrical Inspection Basics for more information.

We will strive to get to your inspection within 48 hours of the date of the request. However, due to staffing reductions, it may take longer, especially if you are in a remote area.

Help us make the best use of our inspector's time and avoid penalty fees being assessed. Make sure we have the information to get the inspector to the jobsite and get the job done.

Requesting Inspections