Apply for a Master Electricians' certificate

You must qualify to apply for a master electrician's certificate.

Do I meet the eligibility requirements?

There are 3 ways to apply:

  1. Apply Online if you meet the eligibility requirements you can submit your application and pay your fee online. You'll need the following:
  2. Apply in person
  3. Apply by mail

We will approve or deny your application within 5 days, and notify you by mail.

If you are approved, you are responsible for scheduling an exam with PSI. Information on how to schedule the exam is included in the approval letter. Study the content outlines for your exam.

If you are denied, you will receive information indicating why the application was denied and how to re-apply.


The application fee is non-refundable after a certificate has been issued. Refund requests before the certificate has been issued can be made in writing to L&I, minus a processing fee of $33.30.