Classes Required for Electrical Trainees

An Electrical Trainee's certificate must be renewed every two (2) years.

Classes are good for three years from initial approval. Check the list and verify the course will not expire before you complete it. Approved basic trainee classes include:

Acrobat PDF file Basic Trainee Classroom Education. (315 KB PDF). Check carefully, some classes may have expired.

Classroom instruction hours required for renewal

Electrical trainees must complete 48 hours of basic trainee classes in order to renew/activate.

What type of courses?

The basic trainee classes approved for electrical trainee renewal are different from the continuing education courses approved for electricians, electrical administrators and master electricians. Make sure the classes you take for your electrical trainee renewal are approved as “Basic Trainee Classes.” No first aid or internet or correspondence-based courses will be credited toward renewal.

Note: Courses approved for electrician, electrical administrator and master electrician renewal requirements will not be credited to an electrical trainee certificate.

Avoid late renewal

You can renew up to 90 days before your training certificate expires. Even if you have not completed the required basic trainee classes as your renewal date approaches, you can submit your renewal application and fee to L&I.

Your certificate will become inactive. Inactive status allows you to avoid the late penalty that results from being late.

You cannot, work on any electrical job without an active training certificate on your person. You must complete the required hours of basic trainee classes and your class provider must post your credits to the L&I Trades Education Roster Reporting System before your active training certificate can be issued.

More information

Basic Trainee Class and instructor applications:

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