Elevator Management for Property Owners

What does L&I mean by building “owner”?
An owner is any person having title to or control of a conveyance, as guardian, trustee, lessee, or otherwise. Read Washington elevator law here. (RCW 70.87.010(28)).

Who is responsible for the operation and maintenance of elevator equipment and for testing it periodically?
The owner or his or her duly appointed agent shall be responsible for the safe operation and proper maintenance of the conveyance after the department has issued the operating permit and also during the period of effectiveness of any limited operating permit in accordance with RCW 70.87.090. Read Washington elevator law here.(RCW 70.87.060(2)).

What are the requirements for routine periodic inspections and tests? The owner or the owner's agent must ensure that her/his conveyances are inspected and tested annually by a person qualified to perform such services. All conveyances must be tested to the applicable code(s) by an elevator mechanic licensed in the appropriate category for the conveyance being tested. Read Washington elevator rule here. (WAC 296-96-23610).

How do I find the requirements for safely altering, repairing and maintaining my building’s elevator, escalator, or other conveyance?  The owner or the owner's agent is responsible for the safe operation, proper maintenance, and alteration of his or her conveyance(s) and must comply with the present adopted ASME A17.1, Part 8. Read Washington elevator rule here. (WAC 296-96-23620).

Find complete and current information about Washington elevator laws (Revised Code of Washington) and Washington elevator rules (Washington Administrative Codes) here:

These files are maintained and updated by the State Office of Code Reviser

What are the top 10 citations found during annual inspections?

You can eliminate citations and perhaps even penalties by ensuring that these items are addressed.

  1. Phones: inoperative, stating wrong location.
  2. Test logs: missing, incomplete.
  3. Failure to test smoke alarm system annually.
  4. Operating Permits: not posted, expired.
  5. Wet pits.
  6. Emergency lights/alarm inoperative.
  7. Door detector edges not functioning properly.
  8. Materials stored in machine rooms.
  9. Keys for elevator operation not on job site.
  10. Intercom not working properly.


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