Maintenance Control Program (MCP)

Companies with Code-Compliant MCPs

Following is a list of elevator companies who have an authorized Maintenance Control Program (MCP) through the State of Washington. (type of MCP authorized in parenthesis).

  • KONE Elevators - (Traction, Hydraulic and Escalator)
  • Mobility Concepts, Inc. - (Special Purpose)
  • Mobility Concepts of Idaho - (Special Purpose)
  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator - (Traction, Hydraulic and Escalator)
  • Schindler Elevator - (Traction, Hydraulic and Escalator)
  • Inland Elevator - (Tractino and Hydraulic)
  • Otis Elevator - (Traction, Hydraulic and Escalator)
  • Shaw Elevator - (Hydraulic)
  • Vertical Options, LLC.
  • Mitsubishi Elevators - (Traction, Hydraulic and Escalator)
  • George Elevator - (Traction and Hydraulic)
  • All in One Mobility - (Residential Elevator)
  • Elevator Maintenance Company.
  • Eltec Systems, LLC - (Traction, Hydraulic and Escalator)
  • Northwest Elevations, Inc. - (Residential Elevator)
  • Paul Parish Limited - (Residential Elevator)
  • Olympic Home Modification - (Residential Elevator)
  • Centric Elevator Corp. - (Traction and Hydraulic)
  • Moore Elevator - (Residential Elevator)
  • Primarius Elevator - (Traction and Hydraulic)
  • Fujitec - (Traction and Hydraulic)
  • University of Washington - (Traction, Hydraulic and Escalator)
  • Med Surg Systems, Inc. - (Residential Elevator)
  • Olympic Elevator - (Traction and Hydraulic)
  • Northwest Tower Crane Service, Inc. - (Special Purpose)
  • Willamette Elevator Co. - (Traction and Hydraulic)
  • LDS Elevator Service - (Traction and Hydraulic)
  • Holbrook Elevator - (Special Purpose)
  • Industrial Systems and Fabrications, Inc. - (Special Purpose)
  • Alimak Hek, Inc. - (Special Purpose)
  • Advantage Elevator - (Residential Roped-Hydraulic)
  • Accumar - (Residential Incline Elevators)
  • Everclear-Intercom - (Intercom)
  • Westcoast Elevator - (Traction and Hydraulic)
  • Bagby Elevator - (Traction)
  • Hillside Elevator - (Residential Elevator)

Note: Everyone must understand that the MCP may have unique characteristics per specific conveyance. As part of the compliance review, the department does not review all unique variables, but they must be in place to be an authorized MCP. The department considers the MCP to be a living document which will require future updates by the elevator companies and review by the Elevator program.

View the MCP Expectation letter sent out in June 2013 (249 KB PDF).

Companies suspended from performing work regulated by A17.1 due to non-compliance with the MCP

If an elevator maintenance company failed to have an MCP authorized by the department on or before October 1, 2013, their elevator contractor license has been suspended or they are allowed only limited ability to provide services in the state of Washington. Please keep this in mind when making your decision to hire an elevator company to provide maintenance and repair for your conveyance.

Following is a list of companies that have been suspended from performing conveyance work regulated by A17.1.

  • Crane Repair.
  • Haskins Company.
  • Sturm Elevator, Inc.

Companies not required to have an authorized MCP

Please check back for a list of companies who are not required to have an authorized MCP due to the type of conveyance they service.

If you have questions regarding this information, please call the L&I Elevator Program at 360-902-6130.

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