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Licensing Elevator Mechanics

Certification requirements for Category 5

NOTE: Certification as an Elevator Mechanic is NOT a license to perform work for which a contractor’s license is required by L&I or any other agency.

(Category 5) Material Lifts

There are three routes you can take to get this license

Depending on your background and level of appropriate experience, you may be able to obtain a license without taking a state elevator competency exam.

  1. National Certification (No test required)
    You may be qualified for licensing as an elevator mechanic without having to take the state elevator exam if you have earned a certificate of completion and successfully passed the mechanic examination of a nationally recognized training program for the elevator industry such as the National Elevator Industry Educational Program or the Certified Elevator Technician Program sponsored by the National Association of Elevator Contractors.
  2. Apprenticeship (No test required)
    You may be qualified for licensing as an elevator mechanic without having to take the state elevator exam if you have earned a certificate of completion of an elevator mechanic apprenticeship program that meets certain standards and is registered with the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council.
  3. Test Required
    A license to perform conveyance work on material lifts may be granted to you if you have the following qualifications:
  • You are employed by an elevator contractor;
  • You have successfully completed training provided your employer, including any training provided by the manufacturer, ensuring worker safety and adherence to the published operating specifications of the conveyance manufacturer; and
  • After successfully completing such training, you pass a written examination administered by L&I that is designed to demonstrate competency with regard to conveyance work on material lifts.

Additionally, your employer must maintain:

  • A conveyance work log identifying the equipment, describing the conveyance work performed, and identifying the person who performed the conveyance work;
  • A training log describing the course of study applicable to each conveyance and identifying each employee who has successfully completed the required training and when such training was completed;
  • A record evidencing that the employer has notified the conveyance owner in writing that the conveyance is not designed to, is not intended to, and should not be used to convey workers. See RCW 70.87.240.

What you have to do

  1. Make sure that you don't have any outstanding, unpaid infractions with L&I or unpaid state-ordered child support payments.
  2. Print the license application and fill it out.
    Download and print the application now.
  3. Gather the supporting documentation to verify your experience and education.
    You will need to attach this information when you submit your application. Detailed information about how to do this is included with the application form.
  4. Pay the $193.30 application fee. $129.00 of this fee is refundable to you if you do not currently qualify for a license. (See licensing fees page.)
  5. If you must take an exam, pay the additional $193.60 exam fee.
  6. Submit your fees, application and documentation.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  • Pay online via L&I’s Get or Renew a License (QuickCards) system.

    Then mail your completed application and experience/education documentation to L&I's elevator program at the address indicated on the application form.

    — OR —
  • Mail the following to L&I's elevator program at the address indicated on the application form:
    • Application fee.
    • Exam fee (if needed).
    • Application.
    • Experience/education documentation.
    Payment can be made using a check or money order.

    — OR —
  • Go to one of L&I's 20 service locations where you can pay your application fee (and exam fee if needed) using a check, money order or credit card, and submit your application and experience/education documentation.

What L&I will do

Once your application is received, L&I staff will contact you by mail to request additional documentation of your qualifying experience or education, if needed.

Once L&I has your completed application and supporting documentation, we will do one of the following:

    • Send you a license if you are eligible.
      You will receive a certificate and a license card.
    • Notify you that you need to take an examination, as well as when and where that exam will next be held.
    • Let you know that you may not take the examination until you get additional training and/or experience.


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