Local Jurisdiction (City or County) Mobile or Manufactured Home Installation Requirements

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Expand/collapse Does a local jurisdiction have any control over how and to what specifications a manufactured home is built?

Expand/collapse If a manufactured home is being altered in anyway, is a special permit required?

Expand/collapse Does the local inspector receive a copy of the installation instructions for inspection purposes?

Expand/collapse Can the local jurisdiction set special installation requirements?

Expand/collapse Can local jurisdictions set special requirements for plumbing, electrical, or smoke detectors included in the home’s construction?

Expand/collapse Who has jurisdiction over auxiliary structures such as carports, garages, etc?

Expand/collapse Is the local jurisdiction required to verify that testing of water lines, waste lines, gas lines and electrical systems has been performed?

Expand/collapse May the local jurisdictions require a specific foundation design or anchoring method be used?

Expand/collapse Can local jurisdictions adopt additional requirements to protect manufactured homes in hazardous areas?

For more information:

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