State Code for Mobile/Manufactured Home Installation

Q: What does the state code for installing mobile/ manufactured homes require?

A: WAC 296-150I, Sections 0310 through 0370, states the requirements for installing homes in Washington.  Anyone installing a home in Washington State must follow the requirements of the WAC.

Q: Where can I find a complete list of the installation requirements of WAC 296-150I?

A: You can access the complete WAC 296-150I here. Additional copies can be obtained by contacting the Department of Labor & Industries, Factory Assembled Structures, toll-free automated services line at 800-647-0982 (Option 5).

For more information:

RCW 43.22 Sections 335-495 - Manufactured/mobile homes, factory-assembled structures. (
RCW 43.22A - Mobile and Manufactured Home Installation. (
WAC 296-150I - Manufactured Home Installer Training and Certification Program, Installation Code. (
WAC 296-150M - WA Manufactured Home Code. (