If you are already certified

— You must report your asbestos removal projects.

All asbestos projects involving more than 48 square feet of material (or 10 linear feet of piping or ducting) having potential to release asbestos fibers must be reported to the department 10 days prior to starting.

Notify L&I of your asbestos projects.
Use this online form to notify L&I of asbestos projects.

Need to replace a lost or stolen card?

Acrobat PDF file Application for Lost or Stolen Asbestos Certification Card (36 KB PDF).

Need to verify certification?

Asbestos Abatement Contractors Registered with L&I.

If you want to become certified

... to remove asbestos in any of the following roles, you will have to take the appropriate training.

  1. Click on the WAC links below to find out the requirements:

    296-65-010 Asbestos worker certification.
    296-65-012 Asbestos supervisor certification.
    296-65-017 Asbestos contractor certification.

  2. To find out about training available, contact one of the Asbestos Training Course Sponsors approved by L&I.
  3. You can apply to become a certified Asbestos Abatement Contractor using this form:
    Acrobat PDF file Asbestos Contractor Certification application (115 KB PDF).

Contact L&I

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