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New Intents & Affidavits Online Filing System

Linking Accounts Easily:

Now when your company has more than one PWIA account, linking accounts will be easier. This will help you to organize your Intents and Affidavits despite worker turnover in your company.

The new system has a feature for you to locate other accounts with the same UBI number and Contractor Registration License number and create the link.

Greater Compatibility

Do you prefer Mozilla Firefox or use Apple Safari on your Mac? The old PWIA system only worked with Microsoft Internet Explorer. The new system supports all major browsers allowing you to file using your favorite browser!


Supported Browsers


Knowing who is on a project and who they are working for.

An enhancement of the new system will be a tool to see who hired whom, all the way up and down a project. For example:

  1. 1. City of Seattle hires Smith Construction.
  2. 2. Smith Construction hires Anderson Carpentry and Johnson Sheet Metal.
  3. 3. Anderson Carpentry hires Watson Electric
  4. 4. Watson Electric hires Olympic Drywall.


Prevailing Wage Rate is Available on the Add Journey Level Workers Screen.

When adding workers in the old PWIA system, their minimum Prevailing Wage Rate was not displayed.

The new system displays the minimum rate that each Trade and Occupation must be paid, for a given county. The system also accounts for the effective date that determines the wage rates for your project, so you won’t need to stop what you are doing to look up the prevailing wage rates.

Prevailing Wage Rates


List Apprentices Hours Instead of Percentages.

When listing apprentices on an Affidavit, you now enter the beginning and ending hours for an apprentice’s stage of progression. (Figure A. Below).

Figure A.

Apprentice Wages


Look Up Apprentice Hours

The beginning and ending hours can be found online at the Lookup Apprentice Wage Rates page. In this example the apprentice is at the Step 4 level, beginning at 3001 hours and ending at 3750 hours.

Lookup Apprentice Wage Rates