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New Intents & Affidavits Online Filing System

Improved Home Page

Manage your projects more easily with the improved Home Page. The main menu screen clearly lists your Intent and Affidavit forms, as well as displays the status of your forms.


Wizard-Based Navigation

The new PWIA system is a “wizard-based” system, much like some of the popular tax filing programs available for home use.  A wizard-based program separates information into several screens.  Instead of one screen full of questions, you answer a few questions, and then navigate to the next step.

A navigation bar at the top will tell you what step you are currently on and how close you are to being finished.

Wizard-Based Navigation


No More Pop-Up Windows

The old system utilized pop-up windows for several of the questions. Pop-up windows can be annoying and can also cause compatibility problems. The new system completes tasks without pop-up windows.

For example, when you select a worker classification the result will appear in a table or grid, located on the same screen.

No more pop-ups


Improved Help Inside the Program

Don’t know what an Industrial Insurance Account ID is? Are you not sure what an “ARRA” project is? Finding answers to common questions is now easier with improved Information Buttons. Look for the round blue "information" icons on the screen located throughout the program for information, definitions and clarifications.

 Information Icons


Review Your Form Before And After Submitting It

The new system has a final review screen that appears before you submit a form for approval. The review screen contains all of the information that you provided in the previous steps, so that you can check your work before you submit the form for approval and pay the filing fee.

 Also, after you have submitted a form that is still awaiting approval, you now have the option to view the information you entered in that form. Now you can double and triple-check your work!

Intent Review Page


Provide Notes or Messages to Prevailing Wage Staff

The ability to Add a note to your form is now built into the form, making it easy to communicate with Prevailing Wage staff when necessary.

Notes Field