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New Intents & Affidavits Online Filing System

Prime Contractors Must File First

For projects filed using the new PWIA system, the Prime Contractor (Prime) needs to file, and have approved, their Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages (Intent) before any sub-contractors can file their Intent for the same project.

Why has this changed?

On a public works project, much of the critical information is the same for the Prime and all of the sub-contractors. When the Prime (the company directly hired by a Public Awarding Agency) files the Intent, the Prime will provide the following information:

  • Awarding Agency Name.
  • Awarding Agency Contact Person’s Name and Phone Number.
  • Project Name.
  • Contract Number.
  • Bid Due Date.
  • Contract Award Date.


This information will be exactly the same for all sub-contractors hired to work on this project, whether hired directly by the Prime, or hired by a sub-contractor. Sub-contractors do not have to fill out this information on their intent, making the filing process quicker. This change will ensure consistency for all of the companies involved in a project, which will improve record keeping and the ability to search for a project.

The old way of business required each contractor to type in all the information for each form. This gave rise to inconsistencies and errors.

What was the name of that project again?
Company How they listed the project name.
ABC Construction (prime contractor) Skagit Valley Community College Renovation
XYZ Roofing (sub contractor to prime) Skagit Valley Comm. College Repairs
123 Electric (sub contractor to prime) Skagit Valley Community College Project
789 Carpentry (sub contractor to 123 Electric) S.V.C.C. Renovation Project

Requiring the Prime to file first, improves organizing and creating reports. This will make it easier for Awarding Agencies and Prime Contractors to manage their projects.


How will it work?

When you file an Intent in the new system, you will need to indicate whether you are the Prime or a sub-contractor.

Choose Prime or Sub Contractor

If you are a Sub-Contractor - You will need to locate the Prime’s Intent. The easiest way to do this is to type in the Prime’s Intent ID number. If you don’t know the Prime’s Intent ID number, you can find it using a search process built into the PWIA system.

If you are a Prime Contractor - After you have an approved Intent, you should contact all of your sub-contractors and give them the specific Intent ID number. Providing your sub-contractors with the Intent ID number will ensure that sub-contractors are able to file their Intents in a timely manner and will ensure that sub-contractors are filing for the correct project.

Enter Prime Contractor Intent