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Electrical safety standards, administration, and installation

Chapter 296-46B WAC

  • Electrical Fee Increase (Chapter 296-46B WAC, Electrical safety standards, administration, and installation)
  • Electrical safety standards, administration, and installation (Chapter 296-46B WAC)


Board of boiler rules -- Substantive

Chapter 296-104 WAC

  • Boiler Fee Increase (WAC 296-104-700 What are the inspection fees – Examination fees – Certificate fees – Expenses?)
  • Chapter 296-104 WAC - Board of Boiler Rules - Substantive


Conversion vendor units and medical units

Chapter 296-150V WAC

  • Factory Assembled Structures (Chapter 296-150V WAC)


Plumbers certification

Chapter 296-400A WAC

  • Plumber Certification Rules Updates (Chapter 296-400A)


Factory Assembled Structures, Factory-built Housing & Commercial Structures

Chapter 296-150M WAC

  • Factory Assembled Structures (FAS) Rules Updates; Chapter 296-150M WAC, Manufactured Homes



Chapter 296-05 WAC

  • Chapter 296-05-007 WAC, Rules of Procedure. Chapter 296-05-321 WAC, Apprenticeship Agreement—Cancellation.


Contractor registration

Chapter 296-200A WAC

  • List of Subcontractors


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