Hazardous Waste Operations

Chapter 296-843, WAC

Effective Date: 05/01/04

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Site Control

WAC 296-843-140

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Your responsibility:

To establish a plan to control access to the site

You must

Establish a site control plan

WAC 296-843-14005
Establish site control

You must

  • Maintain site work zones and site control as required by Table 1, Site Work Zone Requirements.
  • Control access to the exclusion and contamination reduction zones.
  • Make sure people wear personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate to their work zone.

Table 1
Site Work Zone Requirements

For this type of work zone You must
Exclusion zone
  • Establish entry and exit checkpoints on the zone's boundary
  • Regulate the flow of people and equipment into and out of the zone
  • Make sure exits go through a contamination reduction corridor
Contamination reduction zone with a contamination reduction corridor
  • Enter through a control point from the clean zone
  • Provide a transition or buffer between the exclusion zone and the clean zone
  • Perform all decontamination procedures
  • Establish separate decontamination routes for people and equipment, if practical
  • Remove all PPE worn in the contamination reduction or exclusion zones before entering the clean zone.
Clean zone or support zone
  • Have no employee exposure to hazardous substances or health hazards



See Illustration 2 for an example of site work zones.

Illustration 2 -  Site Work Zones

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