Safety Standards for Agriculture

Chapter 296-307 WAC, Part Y-3


WAC 296-307-57005

Provide and maintain adequate lighting.


This section establishes minimal levels of lighting for safety purposes only. Guidelines pertaining to optimal levels of lighting and illumination may be found in Practice for Industrial Lighting, ANSI/IES RP7-1979.

You must

Provide and maintain adequate lighting for all work activities in your workplace. See the following table.

Lighting Table


Minimum Acceptable average lighting level in an area:

Any one single measurement used to determine the average lighting level.*cannot be less than:




Indoor task



Outdoor task



Nontask activities for both indoor and outdoor



Lighting levels must be measured at thirty inches above the floor/working surface or at the task.

You must

Have adequate light for employees to see nearby objects that might be potential hazards or to see to operate emergency controls or other equipment, if general lighting is not available.


  • Lighting levels can be measured with a light meter.

  • Conversion information: 1 foot candle .= 1 lumen incident per square foot .= 10.76 lux.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, .040, .050. 00-17-033 (Order 01-14), 296-307-57005, filed 08/08/01, effective 09/01/01.


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