Safety Standards for Construction Work - Chapter 296-155 WAC

Last Updated: 4/1/2013

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Part A General Safety and Health Provisions
296-155-001 through 296-155-040
Part B-1 Occupational Health and Environmental Control
296-155-100 through 296-155-17654
Part B-2 Hazard Communication
Part C Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
296-155-200 through 296-155-240
Part C-1 Fall Protection Requirements for Construction
296-155-24601 through 296-155-24624
Part D Fire Protection and Prevention
296-155-250 through 296-155-280
Part E

Signaling and Flaggers
296-155-305 through 296-155-315
Note: Section 296-155-300, Accident prevention signs and tags, has been repealed.
Part E - Signs, Signals and Barricades name changed to Signaling and Flaggers.

Part F Material Handling, Storage, Use and Disposal
296-155-325 through 296-155-335
Note: Section 296-155-330 and Sections 296-155-34901 through 34920 have been repealed and moved into WAC 296-155-556 through 56220.
Part F-1 Rigging Requirements for Material Handling
296-155-336 through 296-155-34025
Part G Tools-Hand and Power
296-155-350 through 296-155-380
Part H Welding and Cutting
296-155-400 through 296-155-420
Part I Electrical
296-155-426 through 296-155-462
Part J

296-155-475 through 296-155-477
Note: Portable ladder requirements for the general and construction industries have been moved into Chapter 296-876 WAC, Ladders, portable and fixed. Sections 296-155-481 through 296-155-496 have been repealed and moved into Chapter 296-869 WAC, Elevating work platforms

Part J-1 Elevating Work Platforms

Note: The scaffold requirements for the general and construction industries have been moved into chapter 296-874 WAC, Scaffolds.

Note: Sections 296-155-481 through 296-155-496 have been repealed and moved into chapter 296-869 WAC, Elevating Work Platforms

Part K

Note: Effective 4/1/2013, Part K was merged into Part C-1, creating one location where fall protection requirements are located for construction.

Part L

Cranes, Rigging and Personnel Lifting
296-155-529 through 296-155-56435
Note: Sections 296-155-575 through 296-155-576 have been repealed and moved into Chapter 296-829 WAC, Helicopters Used as Lifting Machines

Part M

Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment, and Marine Operations
296-155-600 through 296-155-630 
Note: Sections 296-155-617 has been repealed and moved into Chapter 296-864 WAC, Split (Multipiece) Rim and Single-Piece Wheels

Part N Excavation, Trenching, and Shoring
296-155-650 through 296-155-66411
Part O Concrete, Concrete Forms, Shoring, and Masonry Construction
296-155-675 through 296-155-699
Part P Steel Erection
296-155-701 through 296-155-72406
Part Q Underground Construction
296-155-725 through 296-155-74501
Part R Miscellaneous Construction Requirements
296-155-755 through 296-155-770
Part S Demolition
296-155-775 through 296-155-830
Part T Possession, Handling, and Use of Explosives.  Refer to Chapter 296-52, Explosives.
Part U Power Distribution and Transmission Lines.  Refer to Chapter 296-45, Safety standards for electrical workers.

Part V

Rollover Protective Structures and Overhead Protection
296-155-950 through 296-155-965

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