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Chapter 296-24 WAC


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NOTE: Many parts of this chapter have been moved or repealed. If you don’t see the part you want, check the list of changes to this chapter.

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WAC Part Description
Part A-1 Purpose and Scope
WAC 296-24-003 through 296-24-012
Part D Material Handling and Storage, Including Cranes, Derricks, etc. and Rigging
WAC 296-24-215 through 296-24-29431
Part E Hazardous Materials, Flammable and Combustible Liquids, Spray Finishing
WAC 296-24-295 through 296-24-450
Part F-1 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases
WAC 296-24-475 through 296-24-47517
Part G-1 Means of Egress
WAC 296-24-55001 through 296-24-56701
Part G-2 Fire Protection
WAC 296-24-585 through 296-24-58503
Part G-3 Fire Suppression equipment
WAC 296-24-592 through 296-24-63599
Part I Welding, Cutting and Brazing
WAC 296-24-680 through 296-24-722
Part J-1 Working Surfaces, Guarding Floors and Wall Openings
WAC 296-24-735 through 296-24-85505
Part J-2 Scaffolds — Nonmandatory appendices
WAC 296-24-862
Part J-3 Personal Fall Arrest System Appendix C (Part I Mandatory; Parts II and III Nonmandatory)
WAC 296-24-88050
Part K Compressed Gas and Compressed Gas Equipment
WAC 296-24-920 through 296-24-94003
Part L Electrical
WAC 296-24-957 through 296-24-990

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