Changes to General Safety and Health Standards
Chapter 296-24 WAC


Part Sections previously in Chapter Where is it now?
A-2 Personal Protective Equipment
WAC 296-24-075 through 296-24-094

Sections 296-24-075 through 296-24-090 have been moved into:

Section 296-24-092 has been moved into:

Section 296-24-094 has been moved into:

A-3 Late Night Retail Worker Crime Prevention
WAC 296-24-102 through 296-24-10203

Moved into:

A-4 Safety Procedures
WAC 296-24-110 through 296-24-119

Moved into:

B-1 Sanitation, Temporary Labor Camps and Nonwater Carriage Disposal Systems   
WAC 296-24-120 through 296-24-12523

Moved into:



Safety Color Code for Marking Physical Hazards, Etc., Window Washing
WAC 296-24-135 through 296-24-14519

Sections 296-24-135 through 296-24-14011 have been moved into:

Sections 296-24-145 through 296-24-14519 have been moved into:

C Machinery and Machine Guarding
WAC 296-24-150 through 296-24-20730

Moved into:


Material Handling and Storage, Including Cranes, Derricks, etc., and Rigging
WAC 296-24-215 through 296-24-29431

Section 296-24-233 has been repealed and moved into:

Section 296-24-21515 has been repealed and moved into:

Sections 296-24-21701 through 296-24-21713 have been repealed and moved into:

Sections 296-24-230 through 296-24-23037 have been repealed and moved into:

Section 296-24-260 has been repealed and moved into:


Hazardous Materials, Flammable and Combustible Liquids, Spray Finishing
WAC 296-24-405

Moved into:

F-2 Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia
WAC 296-24-510 through 296-24-51099

Moved into:


Fire Protection
WAC 296-24-58505 through 296-24-58517

Moved into:

H-1 Hand and Portable Power Tools and Other Hand Held Equipment
WAC 296-24-650 through 296-24-67005

Moved into:

H-2 Safe Practices of Abrasive Blasting Operations, Ventilation
WAC 296-24-675 through 296-24-67521

Moved into:


Working Surfaces, Guarding Floors and Wall Openings
WAC 296-24-735 through 296-24-85505

Sections 296-24-780 through 296-24-79505 and Sections 296-24-810 through 296-24-81013 have been moved into:


WAC 296-24-860 through 296-24-85505

Moved into:

J-3 Powered Platforms, etc.
WAC 296-24-875 through 296-24-90009

Moved into:


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