Lockout/Tagout (Control of Hazardous Energy)

Chapter 296-803, WAC

Effective Date: 11/01/04

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WAC 296-803-600


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Your Responsibility:

To train employees on your energy control program

You must

Provide and document employee training on the energy control program

Provide additional training if you use tagout devices

Retrain employees when necessary

WAC 296-803-60005
Provide and document employee training on the energy control program

You must

  • Train employees to make sure that they:
    • – Understand the purpose and function of the energy control program
    • – Have the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their program responsibilities.
  • Train each authorized employee in:
    • – The type and magnitude of energy available in the workplace
    • – Recognizing hazardous energy sources that apply
    • – Methods and means to isolate and control energy.
  • Instruct each affected employee in the purpose and use of the energy control procedures
  • Instruct all employees who work or may work where energy control procedures might be used about the:
    • – Procedures being used
    • – Prohibition against attempting to restart or reenergize a machine or equipment that’s locked out or tagged out.
  • Document that employee training has been done and kept up to date.
    • -Include the employee's name and the training date

WAC 296-803-60010
Provide additional training if you use tagout devices

You must

  • Make sure employees are trained in the following:
    • – Tags are warning devices and don't provide the same level of physical restraint as a lock
    • – When attached to energy-isolating devices, tags aren't to be:
        • Removed without the approval of the authorized person responsible for it
        • Bypassed, ignored, or otherwise defeated.
    • – Tags need to be legible and understandable to be effective
    • – Tags may evoke a false sense of security
    • – The meaning of tags needs to be understood as part of the overall energy control program
    • – Tags and their means of attachment must be:
        • Securely attached to energy-isolating devices so they can't be inadvertently or accidentally detached
        • Made of materials that will withstand the environmental conditions they will be exposed to.

WAC 296-803-60015
Retrain employees when necessary

You must

  • Retrain authorized and affected employees to introduce new or revised control methods and procedures when there’s a change in any of the following:
    • – Job assignments
    • – Machines, equipment, or processes that present a new hazard
    • – Energy control procedures.
  • Retrain employees to reestablish proficiency when:
    • – A periodic review shows the employee deviates from, or has inadequate knowledge of, the energy control procedures
    • – The employer has reason to believe retraining is necessary.

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