Machine Safety

Chapter 296-806, WAC

Effective Date: 01/01/05

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Chapter 296-806  

Machine Safety (Entire Book)

WAC  296-806-100   Scope
WAC  296-806-200   Requirements for All Machines
WAC  296-806-300   Requirements for Specific Machine Hazards
WAC  296-806-400   Additional Requirements for Some Machines and Machine Operations
WAC  296-806-405   Abrasive Wheels and Machines
WAC  296-806-410   Calenders
WAC  296-806-415   Compactors
WAC  296-806-420   Conveyors
WAC  296-806-425   Food Processing Equipment
WAC  296-806-430   Forging Machines
WAC  296-806-435   Garbage (Waste) Disposals
WAC  296-806-440   Glue Spreaders
WAC  296-806-445   Ironworkers
WAC  296-806-450   Lathes
WAC  296-806-455   Mechanical Power Presses
WAC  296-806-460   Mills
WAC  296-806-465   Press Brakes
WAC  296-806-470   Roll-forming and Bending Machines
WAC  296-806-475   Sanding Machines
WAC  296-806-480   Saws and Cutting Heads
WAC  296-806-485   Sewing Machines
WAC  296-806-500   Definitions
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