Motor Vehicles

Chapter 296-865, WAC

Effective Date: 10/01/05

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WAC 296-865-100


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This chapter applies to all motor vehicles and semitrucks used on public or private roadways.



  • Motor vehicle means any vehicle, machine, tractor, trailer, or any combination of these that's driven by mechanical power and used on the roadways in the transportation of people or materials.

This section doesn't apply to:

  • - Powered industrial trucks covered by another chapter, Forklifts and Other Powered Industrial Trucks, Chapter 296-863 WAC;
  • - Construction equipment covered by another chapter, Safety Standards for Construction Work, Chapter 296-155 WAC;
  • - Logging trucks covered by another chapter, Safety Standards for Logging Operations, Chapter 296-54 WAC;
  • - Agricultural equipment covered by another chapter, Safety Standards for Agriculture, Chapter 296-307 WAC.


Additional rules relating to motor vehicles can be found in Title 46 RCW, Motor Vehicles, and are available:

-At your local library
-Online at: click on Title 46 RCW, Motor Vehicles.

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Helpful Tool:
Guidelines for Motor Vehicles Policies

This helpful tool can provide you with some additional ideas for policies and practices to prevent motor vehicle accidents. You can find a copy of this helpful tool in the Resources Section of this chapter.

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