Portable Power Tools

Chapter 296-807, WAC

Effective Date: 08/01/03

Helpful Tools

Switches (Controls)

WAC 296-807-110

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Your responsibility:

Make sure hand-held portable power tools have safe switches (controls)



WAC 296-807-110 doesn't apply to:

  • Concrete vibrators

  • Concrete breakers

  • Powered tampers

  • Jack hammers

  • Rock drills

  • Garden appliances

  • Household and kitchen appliances

  • Personal care appliances

  • Medical or dental equipment

  • Fixed machinery.


You must

Make sure switches are safe

WAC 296-807-11005



WAC 296-807-11005

Make sure switches are safe

You must

(1) Make sure the operating switch is located in a position that makes it difficult to accidentally operate the tool.

(2) Use the correct operating switch.

  • Make sure hand-held gasoline-powered chain saws have a constant pressure throttle control that will shut off power to the chain when the pressure is released.

  • Use a constant pressure switch that will shut off the power when the switch is released to turn on or operate any hand-held power tool.


  • Some tools can use a lock-on feature with the constant pressure switch if the lock-on feature can be turned off with a single motion of the same finger(s) that turned it on. You can use a lock-on feature with these hand-held tools:

- Drills

– Tappers

– Fastener drivers

– Grinders using a wheel greater than 2 inches in diameter

– Disc sanders

– Belt sanders

– Reciprocating saws

– Saber, scroll and jig saws using a blade with a shank width greater than 1/4 inch

– Other similarly operating powered tools.

  • You can use a positive "on-off" switch with these hand-held tools:

    – Platen sanders

    – Grinders using a wheel 2 inches or less in diameter

    – Routers

    – Planers

    – Laminate trimmers

    – Nibblers

    – Shears

    – Saber, scroll and jig saws using a blade with a shank width of 1/4 inch (± .05 inch) or less.



The shank width of saber, scroll and jig saw blades is measured at the narrowest point on the blade shank.


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