Portable Power Tools

Chapter 296-807, WAC

Effective Date: 08/01/03

Helpful Tools

Helpful Tool: Center Punch Test

Do a center punch test with a hammer to determine the suitability of the base material for a powder actuated fastening. This test is relatively simple and can help you do a safe, successful fastening. Be sure to wear the appropriate eye protection when performing this test.

The test is done as follows:

(1) Select the fastener to be used for the job.

(2) Place the point of the fastener against the base material.

(3) Strike the fastener with a single hammer blow, then examine the point. If the point of the fastener isn't blunted and the base material has a clear point indentation, you can do the first test installation.

Use of a powder actuated fastening system isn't recommended if the following occurs during the center punch test:

  • The fastener point has been blunted. This indicates that the base material is too hard.

  • The base material cracks or shatters. This indicates that the base material is too brittle.

  • When using an average hammer blow, the fastener penetrates the base material easily. This indicates that the base material is too soft.



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