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The Department of Labor & Industries has conducted a statewide program since 2001 to prevent injuries to teen workers in restaurants. Workshops, held throughout the state, show restaurant managers and supervisors how to prevent slips and falls, cuts, burns and sprains. Information about the special needs of young workers also is being presented.

Participating restaurants are asked to send managers and supervisors to safety-training classes, incorporate new safety procedures, conduct regular crew safety meetings and place stickers on equipment prohibited for use by teens.

Get detailed information about this workshop and when it's available. Additional assistance is available from your local L&I office.

Information from workshops

Please browse the buttons to the left for workshop materials and other information about teen workers. Information also is available by contacting Mary Miller at L&I, 360-902-6041.

Restaurant safety workshops helpful to managers and supervisors

Some 300 restaurant owners, managers, supervisors and crew leaders attended restaurant safety workshops since 2001. Those participants represent 400 restaurants and more than 11,000 employees. Many Labor & Industries field staff also attended and are providing direct assistance to the local employers who attended.

What others said after attending a workshop:

  • "It was a good training tool to take back to my store."
  • "I believe that other people need this important information."
  • "It is imperative that safety is No. 1 and that people are educated."
  • "I would definitely recommend this training for employers who hire younger workers. It will help them understand the needs of teens and their responsibilities as employers."
  • "The information presented is useful for workers of all ages."

For more detail, see Washington Administrative Code:
Non-agricultural Employment of Minors (WAC 296-125).

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