Enhancements to My Secure L&I

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Direct, personalized tasks.

Your ‘dashboard’ is a collection of task lists unique to you… personalized to your relationship with us. Go directly to the task you need, without knowing which service provides it… or navigate to the page once you’re within the service. Familiar service names are provided to ease your transition.

Sample Dashboard

Screen view of the user dashboard. Detail of service names.

Grant access on your terms.

Administrators (formerly an Access Manager) can now grant requests for access to only the information you deem appropriate. In addition, organizations may have multiple Administrators (with the correct credentials) for added flexibility.

Sample Access Settings

Screen view of the access settings page to manage users access. Access level selection. Access request pending notification.

Say what? We’ve made it easier to understand us.

We want to make it easy to do business with us. We’ve written tasks to be action-oriented with no jargon. Simply select your task (additional credentials may be necessary), and the service is added to your ‘dashboard’. No translation required.

All Tasks Selection Screen

Screen view of the collection of tasks with the action-oriented tasks. Detail of all tasks.

Streamlined sign up.

We’ve reduced the number of steps in half by asking for a small amount of information to establish a profile to get you started. Tasks that require additional profile information can be completed at a later time to complete your set up.

Initial Sign up Screen

Screen view of the sign up page. Detail of roles selection.

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