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New elevator installation checklist will help your company save money and reduce delays

L&I recently partnered with the elevator industry to develop a checklist that covers all the installation steps required before new elevators are inspected.

Currently, only 30 percent of installations pass inspection the first time!

    Use the checklist to help you:
  • Ensure the elevator will pass inspection the first time. The goal is to save your company time and money.
  • Coordinate all of the trades involved, so each knows when it has completed its portion of the installation to code. Each trade is held responsible for checking their work before signing off.
  • Catch commonly overlooked code requirements, and make sure installers complete them properly.
  • Clarify for your installer(s) what work the code requires before work begins.

Weve been working with our customers to improve the pre-inspection checklist weve been using since 2007, and revised in 2008. Our goal is to improve the low (30%) pass rate for first inspections.

Post in the machine room prior to your inspection: The checklist is required for all new elevator installations and must be posted in the machine room at the time of inspection. The check lists new design includes responsibilities for the Elevator as well as General contractor on the installation.

An extra step for companies that rarely, if ever, pass their first inspector: We may require you to fax a copy of the completed checklist to the regional office, where a supervisor will review your completed check list to make sure all areas of the installation have been checked and are truly ready for inspection.

Question about a code? The department is here to help contractors who have code questions or who have a dispute with another contractor about how to properly install a certain product.

Thanks for using the checklist!
L&I encourages use of this checklist as a time and money saving tool for you and your customers, as well as helping the department best use limited inspector resources. Falsifying information on the checklist could result in a $500 fine and delay of your inspection, so take this seriously.

Need a punch list to complete a particular project?
Please contact an elevator consultant for this. Our state inspectors can only conduct inspections of professionally installed elevators and conveyances.

Dont forget your temporary use permit during construction. Youll avoid a fine.

A temporary use permit — granting a contractor use of a conveyance during installation and alteration to transport materials, tools and construction personnel — is required by RCW 70.87.090. The temporary permit requires the conveyance to have a permanent method of communication (ADA compliant) or have an operator with a means of emergency communication. The temporary permit along with a conspicuous notice that the equipment has not received final approval must be posted. This requirement will be strictly enforced and fines for violations can be as high as $500. See WAC 296-96-02415 for additional requirements.

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Our new safety bulletins will keep you up-to-date on hazards.

We have begun publishing periodic safety bulletins to keep you informed of emerging safety issues for elevator installers. Our first bulletin covered safety problems with Dover Elevators Hydraulic Supply Shutoff Valves (HSSV Valves).

Elevator Advisory Committee Meeting

Our next Advisory Committee Meeting will be August 17. View the calendar, agenda and minutes from past meetings.

Sign up for our ListServ and receive safety bulletins and news by e-mailing: Teddi Carruth at pata235@lni.wa.gov.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact:
Jack Day, Chief Elevator Inspector: 360-902-6128 or
Becky Ernstes, Technical Specialist: 360-9025-6456

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