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1. Management Commitment and Planning

Clearly established policies and procedures.
Goal-oriented objectives and accountability.
Resources (Safety & Health).

2. Accountability

Documented system for holding all line managers and supervisors accountable Safety & Health.

3. Disciplinary Program

Written Program that is communicated to ALL employees.
Covers both supervisors and their employees.

4. Injury Rates

Three-year average rate for both total recordable and days away/restricted work activity cases.

5. Employee Participation

Meaningful ways for employees to participate in the Safety & Health Program.

6. Self-Inspections

-Cover entire worksite quarterly.
-Tracking of hazards to correction.

7. Employee Hazard Reporting System

Formal written reporting system.
Timely and appropriate responses.
Tracking of hazards to correction.

8. Accident/Incident Investigation

Written procedures.
Written reports of findings.
Tracking of hazards to correction.

9. JSA/Process Reviews

Analysis of hazards associated with individual jobs and processes.
Safety & Health training.
Tracking of hazards to correction.

10. Safety & Health Training

Supervisor training.
-Must understand hazards in their work areas.
Potential effects on their employees.
Ensure employees follow rules.
Employee training.
-Aware of hazards.
-Safety work procedures.
-Emergency situations.
-PPE use.

11. Preventive Maintenance

Written Preventive Maintenance Program.
Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of workplace equipment.

12. Emergency Programs/Drills

Written emergency program.
Drills for ALL employees.

13. Health Program

Baseline surveys.
Sampling, testing, and analysis with written records of results.
Tracking of hazards to correction.

14. Personal Protective Equipment

Appropriate PPE.
PPE training on care and use.
Replacement of PPE.

15. Safety & Health Staff Involved with Changes

Safety & Health staff must be involved with analysis of all new processes, materials, or equipment.
Safety & Health staff must be involved with any changes.

16. Contractor Safety

Selection criteria.

17. Medical Program

Availability of physician services.
Personnel trained in First Aid/CPR.

18. Resources

Commitment of adequate Safety & Health staff.
Access to Safety Professionals and Industrial Hygienists.

19. Annual Evaluation

Must be in written narrative form.
Must have action dates.
Must cover all of the 19 program elements.
Must cover the status of the action dates from the prior year annual evaluation.


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