SHIP FAQs -- Applicant Resource Questions

I need help with my grant application.  Is there someone I can call for assistance?

Our staff is a highly trained and well-experienced team that is dedicated to sharing its expertise and providing support to help you finish your application. We cannot help you fill out your application.

Contact the SHIP Program at email: or phone: 360-902-5588

What if I miss the cutoff date for turning in an application?

You must wait for the next cycle to open. Check our website often for open and close cycles.  Also you can get a notification of open cycles by joining our email list. Select the "Safety News" topic when you sign up.

Who is the SHIP Review Committee?

The SHIP Program has two review committees. The Safety and Health Review Committee and the Return to Work Review Committee.  The committee members in each group consist of statewide external experts on subject matter along with internal technical experts You may find a link to the Committees and the meeting minutes on our website.

How will I know if my application has been approved for funding?

You will be notified by email or phone if your application has been approved or denied.

How can I appeal if my application is denied?

You may appeal in writing to explain the reason you believe your application should be reconsidered.

Can I resubmit my application if it has been rejected or denied?

Yes but you must update the application and specifically address the reasons the application was rejected or denied.  You must also meet all the deadlines.

Are there any other written requirements once my application has been approved?

Yes.  Required reports as follows:

  • SHIP Grant Award - Prior to receiving any funds the approved applicant must sign a SHIP Grant Award agreement (Sample SHIP Grant Award Document (227 KB PDF))  The wording in this document cannot be changed in any way and must also be countersigned by L&I before funding will be disbursed to grantees.  This agreement outlines requirements specific to each grant, as well as general requirements applicable to all grant awards. If you have questions before signing the agreement contact the SHIP Program at email: or phone: 360-902-5588.
  • Periodic Reports - Progress reports addressing grant progress and budget will be required throughout the course of the grant
  • Final Report - Summarizes grant successes and lessons learned.

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